April and Alex are saving money to buy new phones. Each friend starts with some money and saves a specific amount each week.Alex wrote an equation to show the total, y, she has saved at the end of each week, x. y = 20x + 125April made a graph to show the total he has saved at the end of each week. (graph as shown)compare the amount that each friend has when both friends start saving.select the correct answer from the answers below to complete the statement.Alex starts with...A. 1B. 20C. 25D. 100E. 125...and April starts with....F. 1G. 20H. 25I. 100J. 125please answer asap

Accepted Solution

First thing to remember is that they were currently in week 0, when they began saving:The equation for Alex would look like: y=20x + 125 
See that we are on week 0, and x is our weeks, and the equation would look like: y=20(0) + 125 
Simplifying the equation, it will give us which it is y = 125
That means that the first one is E. 125
For the second, it shows our week 0, which is at 100.
That means that the second one is I. 100