Central City High School's robotics team is at a competition. In the last round, the team earned 80 points for their robot climbing over an obstacle and an additional 12 points for each ball the robot shot through a hoop. They won the round with 344 total points. Write an equation in the form a = bx + c that can be used to find the number of balls, x, their robot shot through the hoop. Fill in a, b, and c to complete the equation for this situation. Big fraction Parentheses Vertical bars Square root Root Superscript (Ctrl+Up) Subscript (Ctrl+Down) Plus sign Minus sign Middle dot Multiplication sign Equals sign Less-than sign Greater-than sign Less-than or equal to Greater-than or equal to Pi Alpha Beta Epsilon Theta Lambda Mu Rho Phi Sine Cosine Tangent Arcsine Arccosine Arctangent Cosecant Secant Cotangent Logarithm Logarithm to base n Natural logarithm Bar accent Right left arrow with under script Right arrow with under script Angle Triangle Parallel to Perpendicular Approximately equal to Tilde operator Degree sign Intersection Union Summation with under and over scripts Matrix with square brackets

Accepted Solution