A square field measuring 100.00m by 100.00 m has an area of 1.00 hectare. One acre has an area of 43,600 square feet. If a field has an area of 12.0 acres, what is its equivalent in hectares?

Accepted Solution

To find the equivalent area in hectares for a field that has an area of 12.0 acres, you can use the conversion factor between acres and hectares. 1 acre is equivalent to 0.4047 hectares. So, to find the area in hectares for 12.0 acres: Area (hectares) = 12.0 acres Γ— 0.4047 hectares/acre Area (hectares) = 4.8564 hectares So, a field with an area of 12.0 acres is equivalent to 4.8564 hectares.