Which of the following is true of histograms? (Check all that apply.)A.They are best used with large sets of data.B.They are useful when there is a wide range of data.C.They show specific values.D.They show where data is concentrated.Which of the following is true of a histogram? (Check all that apply.)A.The bars of a histogram should be the same width.B.Using a histogram you cannot find the mode, median, and mean, but you can find the range.C.The scale of a histogram should start at the lowest frequency and go to the highest frequency, or one higher.D.Intervals are shown on the horizontal axis.

Accepted Solution

A - actually not true, a probability plot would be better
B - not true, since exact values are plotted a box-and-whisker would be better
C - true (that's what a histogram does)
D - True (You can get the measures of central tendency quickly)

A - true
B - False - those are easily found
C - False - They are arranged on the x-axis
D - True - see above