The table below shows the ticket rates for whale watching trips offered by Dolphin Tricks & Tours. Age Ticket Price Under three years free Three to 12 years $35 Over 12 years $46 On a certain day, the company took 88 people on whale watching trips. There were 44 children aged 12 and under, of which some children were under three years. If x represents the number of children under three years, which equation can be used to find the value of x, where C represents the total amount of money collected from tickets that day?

Accepted Solution

Since, there are 88 people who were in the whale watching and only 44 are aged 12 and under, we calculate the number of those older than 12 by subtraction.

    people older than 12 = 88 - 44
    people older than 12 = 44 people

The total cost or revenue that is collected from ticket sales is equal to the sum of the revenue coming from the different age brackets.

       C = 44($46) + (44 - x)($35) + x(0)

Simplifying further,
       C = (44)($46) + (44-x)(35)