PLS HELPThe vertices of figure EFGH have coordinates E(1, 3), F(2, 5), G(4, 4) , and H(3, 3) . The vertices of figure E'F'G'H' have coordinates E′(3, -1), F′(4, 1), G′(6, 0) , and H′(5, -1) . Which transformation of ​ figure EFGH ​ produced ​ figure E'F'G'H' ​ ? a reflection across the y-axis a translation 2 units left and 4 units up a reflection across the x-axis a translation 2 units right and 4 units down

Accepted Solution

Just looking at the coordinates given you can do process of elimination. A reflection along the y axis would multiply the x values by negative 1. This does not work
Choice b a translation 2 units left and 4 units up. So subtract 2 from x and add 4 to y. This also does not work.
Choice c is reflection along x axis which multiplies y values by negative 1. After looking this does not work.
Choice d 2 units right(add 2 to x) and 4 units down(subtract 4 from y) this method works for all points. So this is correct