Please Someone answer those photosplease show work if u can or just the answer

Accepted Solution

#2 is

First let us set up the equation we are told—that the product of c and 3 is b.3c=bNow we must isolate c so that we can add its value to 3.3c=bc=b3Finally, let us add this value to 3.Final answer is E, b3+3

#4 is

Before doing anything else, make sure you convert all your measurements into the same scale. Because we are working mainly with inches, convert the table with a 3 foot diameter into a table with a (3)(12)=(36) inch diameter.Now we know that the tablecloth must hang an additional 5+1 inches on EVERY side, so our full length of the tablecloth, in any straight line, will be:1+5+36+5+148 inchesFinal answer is K, 48.
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