Mario has gross biweekly earnings of $784.21. By claiming 1 more withholding allowance, Mario would have $13 more in his take home pay. How many withholding allowances does Mario currently claim? a. 3 b. 4 c. 5 d. 6

Accepted Solution

The withholding allowance is used by a person to pay less amount of tax on his or her income to government.Neither we should use too many allowance nor very little. if we use too many allowance , and at the end of year getting caught or any mismatch happens we have to pay penalty for that and Definitely we should use adequate amount of allowance so that we don't have to pay too much tax to the government.Gross  biweekly earnings of Mario= $ 784.21Amount that Mario takes his home when he use  1 more withholding allowance= $ 13= Amount exempted from taxIt is given that Mario has taken 1 more withholding allowance to pay tax less by amount of $13.So he must have possessed atleast 1 allowance previously and added 1 more.So , minimum number of allowance possessed by Mario= 2Correct option should be (a): 3