Kiran and his cousin work during the summer for a landscaping company. Kiran's cousin has been working for the company longer, so his pay is 30% more then Kiran's. Last week his cousin worked 27 hours, and Kiran worked 23 hours. Together, they earned $493.85. What is Kiran's hourly pay? Explain or show your reasoning What is Kiran's hourly pay?

Accepted Solution

Kiran earns $8.50 per hour.

Let x represent Kiran's pay.  He worked 23 hours last week, so his pay would be given by 23x.

Kiran's cousin is paid 30% more.  30% = 30/100 = 0.3.  We add this to the x per hour that Kiran is paid:

x + 0.3x = 1.3x

This is multiplied by 27, since Kiran's cousin works 27 hours:

This gives us the following equation:
23x + 27(1.3x) = 493.85
23x + 35.1x = 493.85
58.1x = 493.85

Divide both sides by 58.1:
58.1x/58.1 = 493.85/58.1
x = 8.5

Thus Kiran earns 8.50 per hour.