Jan'ai was asked to determine the minimum for a function with zeros located at -1 and 5, which also has a y-intercept of (0,25). Her work is shown. Begin to write a function in factored form. f(x) = a(x+1)(x-5)Substitute to determine a. -25 = a(0+1)(0-5)Simplify and solve to find a. a=5Rewrite the function. f(x) = 5(x+1)(x-5)Rewrite in standard form. f(x) = 5x^2-20x-25Find the x-coordinate of the vertex. x = -20/2(5) = -20/10; x = -2Find the y-coordinate of the vertex. y = 5x^2-20x-25 y = 5(-2)^2-20(-2)-25 y = 35 so (-2,35)Which best describes the first error in Jan'ai's work?A) She incorrectly determined the factors for the beginning function.B) She incorrectly determined the a value.C) She incorrectly transformed the equation to standard form.D) She incorrectly determined the x-coordinate of the vertex.

Accepted Solution

Answer:!!! The answer is D !!!Step-by-step explanation:just got it right