A right rectangular pyramid is sliced parallel to the base, as shown.What is the area of the resulting two-dimensional cross-section?2 m²3 m²9 m²12 m²

Accepted Solution

Hey. Let me help you on this one.

In order for us to solve this problem, we need to know how to find the area of the rectangle. There is a certain formula that we can use to find that, which I will go over in just a moment. I am also attaching am image alongside this answer to guide you in case you are a little bit confused or need extra studies. 

Here, we can see the two dimensional cross section appear after the cut. Cross-section is the area of the figure that gets exposed after the cut is made, and in our case, it's a rectangle with measures 1m x 2m.

We need to set up an area formula in order to find the area of the cross-section. 


In our case, "l" stands for length and "w" stands for width. Let's substitute the values with the ones we know.

[tex]A=2*1 [/tex]

Great. Question is solved, and we now know that the area of the cross-section is 2 m². 

Answer: Area of the cross section is 2 m²