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Accepted Solution

The length of GE is 10 unitsExplanation:Given that the length of XY = 5 units and YZ = 4.6 unitsThe length of GE:We need to determine the length of GEFrom the figure, we can see that ZY bisects GE and XY bisects EF.The lines ZY and XY both bisect GF.The midpoint theorem states that "the line segment connecting the midpoints of  two sides of a triangle is parallel to the third side and is congruent to one half of the third side".Since, we have,EX = XF and X is the midpoint of EFGY = YF and Y is the midpoint of GFSince, XY is the line segment that connects the midpoints of the two sides of the triangle.Applying the midpoint theorem, we have,[tex]GE = 2XY[/tex][tex]GE = 2(5)=10 \ units[/tex]Thus, the length of GE is 10 units.