Ellie is a 45-year-old woman who has not yet planned for retirement. She would like to retire at age 67. Answer each question using complete sentences.Part I: In what type of investments should Ellie deposit her money? Why? Part II: At what age, or point in your life, would you like to start saving for retirement? Part III: In what type of investments would you like to deposit your money into when you start saving for retirement? Why?

Accepted Solution

i. Exchange traded funds (ETFs) equally distributed among the US stock fund, a US bond fund, an international stock fund, and an international bond fund. This is because ETFs provides diversification and low expenses.

ii.The  perfect time to start saving is as soon as you have a full-time job. If the employer has a tax deferred investment plan, and if the employer matches some of your investment then you'll be ready to get extra benefits.

iii. I'd put my investments in ETFs equally distributed among a US stock fund, an international fund, a US bond fund and an international bond fund. This reduces expenses through diversification.