-9 b = 27. i need to find the value for b

Accepted Solution

Answer: b = -3Step-by-step explanation: To solve for b in this equation, we want to get b by itself on the left side of the equation.Since b is being multiplied by -9, to get b by itself, we need to divide by -9 on the left side of the equation. Since we divide by -9 on the left side, we must also divide by -9 on the right side.On the left side, notice that the -9's cancel out so we are simply left with b. on the right side, we have 27 divided by -9 which is -3. So now we have b = -3.Finally, remember yo check your answer by substituting a -3 back into the original equation. So we have -9 (-3) = 27 which is a true statement so our answer b = -3 is correct.