Select the correct answer. A square field was enlarged by adding 5 feet to the length and width of the original field. If the area of the enlarged field is 576 square feet, what was the side length of the original field? A. 29 feet B. 19 feet C. 6 feet D. 36 feet

Accepted Solution

Answer:B. 19 feetStep-by-step explanation:Given area of enlarged field =[tex]576 feet^2[/tex]Let the length of the field be x.Since the field is in square shape so breath is equal to the length that is also x.∴ Side of the enlarged field = [tex](x+5)[/tex]We all know that area of square = [tex]length\times breath[/tex]Now substituting the values we get;[tex](x+5)\times(x+5)=576\\(x+5)^2=576\\(x+5)^2=24^2\\x+5=24\\x=24-5=19[/tex]Hence the side length of the original field was 19 feet.