Which of the following best describes the expression 3x + 2y + 8z? The product of three sums; there are three termsThe sum of three products; there are three terms The product of three sums; there are six termsThe sum of three products: there are six terms

Accepted Solution

You have 3 variables, x y and z.
Each of these variables comes in different amounts - so there are 3x 2y and 8z. Those variables could be anything.

So the 3x is a product of 3 multiplied by x, 2y is a product of 2 multiplied by y and 8z is the product of 8 multiplied by z
So this equation means that it is the sum of three products (3x, 2y and 8z) and there are 3 terms. Each of 3x, 2y and 8z is considered a term.