A square poster has a side length of 26 in. Drawn on the poster are four identical triangles. Each triangle has a base of 8 in. and a height of 8 in. Children play a game in which they each wear a blindfold and throw a dart at the poster. A player whose dart lands inside a triangle wins a prize.Assuming that a player's dart will always land on the poster, what is the probability of the dart landing in a triangle?Enter your answer, as a decimal rounded to the nearest hundredth, in the box.P(a point on a triangle) =

Accepted Solution

To find the probability of landing on a triangle, you will want find the combined areas of the triangles and the total area of the square target.

Divide the area of the combined areas and the total area to find the probability of landing on a triangle.

A = 1/2bh
      1/2 x 8 x 8
A = 32 square inches
32 x 4
128 square inches (areas of triangles)

A = bh
     26 x 26
A = 676 square inches

128/676 = 0.189

There is an approximate probability of 0.19 of hitting a triangle.