Using 125 words or more, write a short paragraph discussing the reasons why someone should make a wil

Accepted Solution

You've probably got one of those "need to do eventually but not today" lists residing somewhere in your brain. Eat more salad. Paint the bathroom. Jog 30 minutes a day. Learn a foreign language. And while you normally hit snooze when these mental reminders go off in your brain, it may just be the one time when you might actually make an effort to get one or two of these items moved into the "let's do soon" list. The possibilities of a new year always seem to inspire those infamous resolutions and get us jump started on things we should have done a long time ago. But before you get carried away with this year's list, why don't you pencil in "write a will" at the top? Believe it or not, getting your will done this year might turn out to be the most important resolution you can make. First and foremost, think about your kids. You've made a lifelong commitment to love and nurture them, but you can only carry out your desires on this side of the grave. If you haven't made provision for their guardianship upon your death, then the courts and the law will make that decision for you. Do you want the determination of your children's care and training entrusted to a faceless legal system? If not, then for no other reason write a will so that you can be the one to decide who will best raise and love your children when you aren't around to do it yourself.