trigonometry problem​

Accepted Solution

Answer: -3π/2Step-by-step explanation:The unit circle is tricky, but here are some things to know:When measuring angles, you usually move in the counter-clockwise direction. If you are moving clockwise (like shown in your picture), the angle will be negative. The unit circle is typically measured in radians, not degrees               - To convert from radians to degrees, multiply by 180/π               - To convert from degrees to radians, multiply by π/180The whole unit circle measures 2π (360 degrees). This means that the positive x-axis can be referred to as 0 or 2π, the positive y-axis is referred to as π/2, the negative x-axis is referred to as π, and the negative y-axis is referred to as 3π/2.               -If the angle is negative, switch the signs of the axis above. The information above is all you need to answer the above question, but if you want/need anything else on the unit circle, just let me know.