Trent is fishing from a pier.The tip of his fishing rod is 53 3/4 feet above the surface of the water.The hook on the end of the fishing line is directly below the tip of the fishing rod 12 2/3 feet below the surface of the water. Trent estimates that the distance between the tip of his fishing rod and the hook is less than 65 feet. Is Trent's estimate reasonable? Explain your answer.

Accepted Solution

To estimate the distance between the tip of his fishingrod which is above the water and the hook which is below the water, you will need to estimate the absolute values of both distances.

|53 3/4| + |12 2/3|
54 + 13
67 ft

Trents estimate is not reasonable because you would around both of these values up to the next whole number making it greater than 65.