Ruby is visiting San Francisco. From her hotel she walks 4 blocks east and 2 blocks north to a coffee shop. Then she walks 5 blocks west and 1 block north to a museum. Where is the museum in relation to her​ hotel?

Accepted Solution

I'm not sure if you have done vectors as of yet, but you would first add the x components and y components separately. 

x-components: 4 blocks + 5 block = 9 blocks 
y-component: 2 blocks + 1 block = 3 blocks

Magnitude of this: √(x₂-x₁)²+(y₂-y₁)² 
= √(9)²+(3)²
=9.5 blocks approx

Angle of of the resultant vector; 

θ=18.43 degrees

Hope I helped :)