10 5/12- 12 7/12 = in simplest form

Accepted Solution

Answer:-13/6 or (in mixed number form) -2 1/6Step-by-step explanation:Rewriting our equation with parts separated=10+512βˆ’12βˆ’712Solving the whole number parts10βˆ’12=βˆ’2Solving the fraction parts512βˆ’712=βˆ’212Reducing the fraction part, 2/12,βˆ’212=βˆ’16Combining the whole and fraction partsβˆ’2βˆ’16=βˆ’216Another way to do it:Convert any mixed numbers to fractions.Then your initial equation becomes:125/12βˆ’151/12Applying the fractions formula for subtraction,=(125Γ—12)βˆ’(151Γ—12) / 12Γ—12=1500 βˆ’ 1812/ 144=βˆ’312/144Simplifying -312/144, the answer is=βˆ’2 1/6