PLEASE YOU CAN ANSWER NUMBER 1 OR 2 OR BOTH PLEASE I JUST NEED HELP WITH BOTH AND NO ONE WILL ANSWER MY QUESTIONS!!!!!!!! :( 1.)In two or more complete sentences, explain how to find the time it takes for a rocket following the path, h(x) = -4x 2 + 16x, to hit the ground.2.)A ball is thrown straight up from the top of a building that is 280ft high with an initial velocity of 48ft/s. The height of the object can be modeled by the equation s(t) = -16t 2 + 48t + 280.In two or more complete sentences explain how to determine the time(s) the ball is higher than the building in interval notation.

Accepted Solution

1.) You plug a number into the variable x. Then you will solve the equation for h(x) to find the time it takes for the rocket to travel the path given.