Module 03: Project Option 1 Instructions Here are the low temperatures (in degrees Fahrenheit) for one week in Montreal, Canada: -3.5 ℉ 5 ℉ 1.5 ℉ -0.5 ℉ -2℉, 2.5℉ -4 ℉ Part 1: Weather Analysis 1. Plot and label the temperatures on a number line. You can create it by using a drawing program, by drawing it by hand and sending in a picture, or by describing in detail how the completed number line should look. 2. Compare the weather on two different days using an inequality. Then see if their comparisons change by finding the absolute value of each.

 Day 1: 

Day 2:

Comparison of Day 1 and Day 2:  ____ < _____ or _____ > _______

Comparison of days with absolute value:  ____ < _____ or _____ > _______
 3. Which temperature during the week is the closest to 0? Explain how you decided this using absolute value. 4. Which temperature during th

Accepted Solution

For #1, I have attached the number line.

For #2, I have provided two examples. One shows a different any quality symbol, and the other one shows the same based on absolute values.

For #3, you can see using the number line that -0.5 is the closest to zero.