In Death Valley, California the highest ground temperature recorded was 94 degrees Celsius on July 15, 1972. In the formula C=5/9(F-32), C represents the temperature in degrees Celsius and F re[resents the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. To the nearest degree, what is the highest ground temperature in Death Valley in Fahrenheit?

Accepted Solution

Well, you've already told me what C represents (94) and you've given me the formula switched around. The date and the location of this problem do not matter in this equation, so just ignore them. Now we need to switch around the formula by first multiplying both sides by (9/5) which causes the (5/9) on the right-hand side to cancel. This gives us (9/5)times C=F-32. Now we add 32 to both sides to come up with the new formula (F=C x (9/5) + 32) Substitute the original C into the equation, and you will get your answer of 201.2