HURRY!!! PLEASE HELP WITH QUESTIONS!!!! WILL MAKE BRAINIEST ANSWER!!!!THESE ARE ALL THE ONES I GOT WRONG/W WRONG ANSWER!!!1. Which of the following statements is not true of cash advances?A.Credit card companies offer easy access to cash through ATM’s or checks that can be written to yourself and cashed.B.Credit card companies apply payments to cash advance balances first because the interest is higher.C.The APR of a cash advance is higher than that of regular credit card purchases.-NOT THE ANSWERD.Credit card companies place limits on the amount of cash you can receive through a cash advance.2. Sam is getting ready for a big date when he realizes that he has no money. His roommate, Bill, also has no money, but he has a credit card. Knowing that nobody will let Sam use Bill’s credit card, Sam asks Bill to pull out a cash advance for $120.00. Bill agrees under the condition that Sam is responsible for all interest that accrues on the cash advance which is a 30% interest rate, compounded monthly. 5 full years go by before the $120 cash advance is repaid. How much should Bill ask Sam to pay in interest for the cash advance? A.$3.88B.$112.80C.$120.00-NOT THE ANSWERD.$232.803. Nicole used her credit card to buy a $1,255 mattress. Her credit card has an APR of 11.56%, compounded monthly, and the mattress was the only purchase on the card. Nicole paid off the mattress after two and a half years. If the sales tax in Nicole’s area is 9.08%, how much interest did Nicole pay in total? (Round all dollar values to the nearest cent.)A.$213.85B.$456.20-NOT THE ANSWERC.$196.10D.$327.864. Of the following statements, which one or ones indicate possible effects of a low credit score?I. You will have a difficult time qualifying for loans.II. Any loans you take out will be relatively short-term.III. You will have to pay higher than average interest rates.A.I onlyB.I and II-NOT THE ANSWERC.III onlyD.I and III

Accepted Solution

Number one is A (2.)  Bill should ask Sam to pay $407.97 as interest for the cash advance (3)a) 213.85 sorry I don't know number four =(