A regular 7 sided figure is divided into 7 congruent triangles ,each with a base of 12 inches and a height of 12.5 inches. What is the area of the 7 sided figure.

Accepted Solution

You must apply the following formula to calculate the area a triangle:


 b=12 inches (the base of the triangle)
 h=12.5 inches (the height of the triangle)

 When you substitute these values into the formula, you obtain:

 A=(12 inches)(12.5 inches)/2
 A=75 inches²

 You already have the area of one triangle. So, you only have to multiply this area by 7, because the seven (7) triangles are congruent, which means that they have the same area:

 At=(75 inches²)(7)
 At=525 inches²

 What is the area of the 7 sided figure?

 The answer is: 525 inches²