Which points could be on the line that is parallel to and passes through point J? Check all that apply. (–3, 5)(1, 5)(3, βˆ’2) (3, 2)(5, 1)

Accepted Solution

The line as well as the coordinates of point J are not provided. Therefore, I cannot provide as exact answer. However, I can help you with the concept.

To know the order pairs that belong to the line,we would first need to get the equation of the line and then substitute with the order pairs in the equation to check whether the equation is satisfied or not.

The general form of the linear equation is:
y = mx + c
where m is the slope and c is the y-intercept

1- getting the slope:
we are given that our line is parallel to another one. This means that the slopes of the two lines are equal.
Having the equation of the given line, we can simply get its slope by comparing it to the above general form. The slope of the line we are seeking would be the same
m1 = m2

2- getting the y-intercept:
The slope (m) in the equation would now be know and we have point J that belongs to the line. Therefore,we can simply get the value of c by substituting with J in the equation and solving for c.

Finally, we now have the equation. We would take each of the given order pairs separately, substitute with the x value in the equation and compare the calculated y with the given one.
If the are the same, then the order pair belongs to the line, otherwise, the order pair doesn't belong to the line

Hope this helps :)