Super easy word problem please help with question :(

Accepted Solution

Answer:1. The required slope m, for the context is[tex]m = 1.08[/tex]2. The y-intercept in the context is [tex]a = y = 1052[/tex]3. The graph is on Desmos.Step-by-step explanation:Given:[tex]a = 1.08\times t + 1052[/tex]Where, a is the speed of sound wave.t is the air temperature.This is a linear model type equation.Can be represented in the slope intercept form  which is equal to[tex]y = mx + c[/tex]Where,m = Slope of the line.c = y-intercept.Now if we compare the given model by slope intercept formula we get[tex]m = 1.08\\\\c = 1052[/tex]So ,the slope in the context of the problem is [tex]m = 1.08[/tex].and the y intercept in the context of the problem [tex]a = c = y = 1052[/tex]For Sketching the graph we require two pointput t = 0∴ a = 1052Let A (1052, 0) be one point.put a = 0∴ t = -974.07Let B (0, -974.07) another point.So, the x intercept of the linear model is [tex]t = x = -974.07[/tex]Here in the graphX axis represent temperature in degree, Fahrenheit.(t)Y axis represent Speed of sound wave in feet per second.(a)Scale on both axes:1 cm = 100 feet per second on y-axis1 cm = 100 degree Fahrenheit on x-axis