(Please help with these) (Im stuck on these)1.Which expression is equivalent to 1/4y−1/2 ?A.−1/4(y−1/2)B. 1/4(y−2)C. 1/4(y−1/2) D.−1/4(y−2)2.What is the solution set?​5.5x+15.5>32 ​Enter your answer in the box.3.What is the value of x?Enter your answer in the box.(I pasted the image) 4. Matteo plans to deposit some of his savings in a savings account. The account will pay 3% interest per year. His grandmother tells him she will pay an additional 3% to the account if Matteo keeps the money in the bank for the entire year. Let d represent the amount of Matteo's deposit. Which expressions can he use to calculate the amount of money he will have after one year?Select each correct answer. [] 1.06d [] d+0.06d [] d+0.03d+0.03d [] 0.94dThere it goes. PLEASE answer all but if you cant, answer as much as you can ty soo much!!

Accepted Solution

1 is B.
2 is x > 3
4 is d+0.06d

I don't know 3, but I'll ask it for you, since you don't have many points.