Liliana wants to determine the height of an enlarged photo that she plans to frame. The original photo was 11 inches wide by 14 inches high. The new photo will be 132 inches wide. What will the new height be? Round to the nearest inch if necessary.

Accepted Solution

Answer: 168 inches. Explanation: First thing you must always do when solving word problems is read closely, and take note of any number. In this case, the first thing we must do is find the scale factor.For this, we use one of the dimensions. We will use the width of the photo.We have then:k = 132/11k = 12Then, we look for the value of the height of the new photo. To do this, we multiply the scale factor by the original dimension.We have then:14k = 14 (12) = 168Thus, 168 inches is your answer! :)Hope this helps! :)