Darius wrote the number 84,273. Then he wrote a different number in which the digit 2 has 10 times the value it has in the number 84,273. Which could be the other number Jackson wrote? A 78,325 B 62,541 C 34,482 D 25,847

Accepted Solution

Answer:option B) 62541Step-by-step explanation: The given number is 84273. The number can be written as 80000+4000+200+70+3=84273.Here in the given number, the digit 2 has value 200.Given that, value of two in new number is ten times means, 200 x 10=2000.thus, 2 should  be at thousandth's place, which is only in 62541 in given options.62541=60000+2000+500+40+1while others are,78325=70000+8000+300+20+534482=30000+4000+400+80+225874=20000+5000+800+70+4 ,none of which has 2 at thousandth's place.