An ice cream cone is filled with vanilla and chocolate ice cream at a ratio of 2:3. If the diameter of the cone is 2 inches and the height is 5 inches, approximately what is the volume of chocolate ice cream in the cone? (round to nearest tenth) A) 1.6 in3 B) 2.1 in3 C) 3.1 in3 D) 5.2 in3 Please help 35 points if you get this correct real answers only

Accepted Solution

Volume of the cone is β…“Ο€rΒ²h where r= radius=1 in and h=5 in, so volume is 5Ο€/3 cu in. Divide this into 5 equal parts, one part=Ο€/3, so chocolate is 3 parts=Ο€ cu in=3.1 cu in = 3.1 cu in approx, answer C.