A convertible is traveling at 45 miles per hour, and its wheels have a diameter of 48 inches. How many complete revolutions do the wheels make in one minute?

Accepted Solution

Answer: The wheel make 315 complete revolutions in one minuteStep-by-step explanation: Given speed of convertible =45 miles/hrFirstly we will convert miles to inchesWe know that 1 mile= 63360 inchesSo 45 miles= [tex]45 \times63360[/tex]i.e. speed=2851200 inches/hrNow since the revolutions are asked in one minuteSo speed= [tex]\frac{2851200}{60}[/tex]=47520 inches/minNow In one revolution distance travelled by wheel=2πr or πd=[tex]3.14\times 48[/tex]=150.72 inchesNo of revolutions =Total distance travelled/Distance travelled in one revolution=[tex]\frac{47520}{150.72}[/tex]=315.28 revolutions