a circle has circumference 25.7 cm. what is the area of the circle? use 3.14 for Pie

Accepted Solution

Hi Emily.

The Circumference of a circle is 2[tex] \pi [/tex]r.
The Area of a circle is [tex] \pi [/tex][tex] r^{2} [/tex].

To solve for this, we need to find the radius from our circumference. In order to do so, we are required to perform the opposite order of operations from our formula. 
Divide 25.7 by 6.28 (which is 2[tex] \pi [/tex]).
25.7 / 6.28 = ~4.09

We now know our radius is 4.09 cm. With this information, we are ready to solve for the area.

A = [tex] \pi [/tex][tex] r^{2} [/tex];
A = 3.14*[tex] 4.09^{2} [/tex]
A = 3.14 * 16.72
A = 52.5

Your area for the circle is 52.5 cm^2.

I hope this helps!