A box contains 19 large marbles and 11 small marbles. each marble is either green or white. 5 of the large marbles are green, and 6 of the small marbles are white. if a marble is randomly selected from the box, what is the probability that it is large or green? express your answer as a fraction or a decimal number rounded to four decimal places.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Probability of getting a large or green marble is 4/5.Step-by-step explanation:Given: Number of large marbles = 19Number of small marbles = 11Number of Green large marble = 5Number of  white small marble = 6To find: probability of selecting a large or green marble.Total number of marbles in box = 19 + 11 = 30Number of white large marble = 19 - 5 = 14Number of green small marble = 11 - 6 = 5Number of total green marble = 5 + 5 = 10[tex]Probability=\frac{Number\:of\:favorable\:outcome}{Total\:number\:of\:outcome}[/tex]Probability (large or green) = P(large) + P(green) - P(both)                                              [tex]=\frac{19}{30}+\frac{10}{30}-\frac{5}{30}[/tex]                                              [tex]=\frac{19+10-5}{30}[/tex]                                              [tex]=\frac{24}{30}[/tex]                                              [tex]=\frac{4}{5}[/tex]Therefore, Probability of getting a large or green marble is 4/5.