3. At a poster shop, Han paid $16.80 for 2 large posters and 3 small posters of hisfavorite band. Kiran paid $14.15 for 1 large poster and 4 small posters of his faTV shows. Posters of the same size have the same price.Find the price of a large poster, l, and the price of a small poster, s.

Accepted Solution

Answer:small posters cost $2.30 eachlarge posters cost $4.95 eachStep-by-step explanation:Letprice of large poster be "l", andprice of small poster be "s"$16.80 for 2 large and 3 small, we can write:2l + 3s = 16.80Then,$14.15 for 1 large and 4 small, we can write:l + 4s = 14.15We can write this as:l = 14.15 - 4sNow we substitute this expression for "l" into first equation and solve for s first:[tex]2l+3s=16.80\\2(14.15 - 4s)+3s=16.80\\28.30-8s+3s=16.80\\5s=11.5\\s=2.30[/tex]small posters cost $2.30 eachNow, we know l = 14.15 - 4s, sol = 14.15 -4(2.30)l = 4.95large posters cost $4.95 each