-2x+8y-4*parallel *perpendicular*neither*please help asap!*​

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation: y = m x + bThen we can read the slope right off the equation: it is the number represented by m. I'll help you get one into this form:Start with -2x+8y-4Then add 4 to both sides: -2x+8.Then divide both sides by 4: y = 3/4 x + 6/4.This means that the slope is 3/4. Try the other one on your own and reduce the slope to the smallest possible fraction. Now, what does this mean? If the slopes are the same, it means the two lines are parallel. If one slope is the negative reciprocal of the other, then the two lines are perpendicular. To get the negative reciprocal of a number, put one over the number and then make it negative. So:   if the number is      its negative reciprocal is         2                        -1/2        3/10                     -10/3       -3/2                        2/3        So if the two lines had these respective slopes, they would be perpendicular. If the slopes are neither the same nor negative reciprocals, the lines are neither parallel nor perpendicular.