1.This figure shows circle O with chords AC and BD . ​ mAB=34∘ mCD=34∘ AP=6 m ​ PC=8 m What is BD ? Enter your answer in the box.2.This figure shows circle C with diameter LM and inscribed ∠LMN . m∠LMN=32° What is the measure of  LMN3.In the figure, YX−→− and YZ−→− are tangents to circle A at points X and Z, respectively.  mXZ=140∘mXSZ=220∘ What is the measure of  ∠XYZ ?Enter your answer in the box.4.AC←→ is tangent to the circle with center at B. The measure of  ∠ACB is 58°.What is the measure of  ∠ABC ? Enter your answer in the box.m∠ABC = °

Accepted Solution

Answer: You have a lot of work in this one question. I will help you with the first part. The measure of line segment BD would be 14.

Given the information provided, we could say that congruent triangles could be formed with triangles ABP and triangle DCP.

Therefore, the distance of BD is equal to the distance of AC. AC is found by just putting together the 6 and 8 to get 14. So BD is also 14.