Which statement is true about the parts of this expression?7.5y - z/9 + 50 +2yA) The constant is 7.5.B) The coefficients are 7.5 and -9.C) The variables are x and y.D) The like terms are 7.5y and 2y.

Accepted Solution

7.5y - z/9 + 50 + 2yOkay, so it would be best to organize and simplify this expression: 9.5y -z/9 + 50Alright, now let's eliminate some answers.True or false: The constant is 7.5. This is false. 7.5 is a coefficient, 50 is a constant.True or false: The coefficients are 7.5 and -9. This is false. Sure, 7.5 is a coefficient, but -9 is not. Actually, z/9 is also equal to (1/9)z, so technically 1/9 is the coefficient.True or false: The variables are x and y. This is false. Where is x? Nonexistent.True or false: The like terms are 7.5y and 2y. This is true. When we simplified the equation, we first combined like terms. 7.5y and 2y are like terms and therefore able to be combined. That's how we got 9.5y.The answer, I believe, is D. Hope this helps!