The picture shows a feeding trough that is shaped like a right prism. (Picture is shown at the bottom!!) Plz, answer these three questions. I have my answers, I just want to double check!(a) Surface A and B are identical trapezoids. What are the lengths of the bases of the trapezoids? What is the height?(b) Surfaces A and B will be painted blue. What is the total area that will be painted blue?(c) The edges of the trapezoids need to be sanded. A piece of sandpaper advertises that it can sand up to 80 cm. Will one piece of sandpaper be enough to sand the edges of one trapezoid? Explain.Brainleist to the first and correct answer!

Accepted Solution

height of the trapezoids = sqrt (17^2 - 8^2) = 15cms
base = 19 cms

(b) area of each trapezoid =  15/2 (35 + 19) =  405 cm^2

Total area painted blue = 2*405 = 810 cm^2

(c)  length of the edges of one trapezoid = 35 + 19 + 2(17) = 88 cms
So one piece of  sandpaper ( can sand up to 80 cm) will not be enough to sand all of the edges.