the line L1 has equation 2x + y = 8. The line L2 passes through the point A ( 7, 4 ) and is perpendicular to L1 . Find the equation of L2.

Accepted Solution

the formula to find linear eqution of graph is
m= gradient
c= y intercept

first find what is the gradient of L1. In order to get the gradient make y the subject. thus,
thus, the gradient of L1 is -2.

The question states that L2 is perpendicular to L1, thus the gradient of L2 is reciprocal to gradient of L1.
Thus, gradient of L2 will be
m= 1/2

In order for the gradient to be reciprocal, it needs to be perpendicular.
thus so far the equation of L2 is
y= 1/2x+c
Now the question states that is passes through A(7,4). Thus you need to sub in x=7 and y=4 into equation of L2 to find what is the y intercept.
4= 1/2(4)+c
thus the equation of L2 is