plz help!! Juan is determining the cost for his first year in college. After researching, he figures that the total cost for tuition and fees for the year will be about $43,800. There is an additional boarding cost of $4,132. Juan has received an $8,000 scholarship for his freshman year. In addition, Juan's parents have saved $84,000 toward his continued education, and his grandmother will contribute an additional $5,000 as a gift each year. The parents intend to distribute the savings equally for each year at the 4 year college.If Juan uses the yearly portion of his parents' savings, scholarship money, and his grandmother's gift, what is the remaining balance for Juan to pay for his freshman year? A) $13,932 B) $18,250 C) $21,750 D) $9,800

Accepted Solution

43800 for first year. + boarding 4132
Parents give him equal amounts for the 4 years of college from what they saved.
84,000 divided by 4 years is 21,000
the scholarship is for his first year only.
47932-21000(from parents)-8000(from scholarship)-5000(from grandma)