PLEASE HELP AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!Find the appropriate answer for each word problem.a. A group of twelve art students are visiting a local art museum for a field trip. The total cost of admission for the students is $125. What is the cost of admission for each student?b. The school van can carry twelve passengers at a time. What is the least number of trips the van must make in order to bring 125 passengers to the same location?c. Charlotte and her mother baked 125 cookies to give as Christmas gifts to their neighbors. If they plan to give a dozen cookies to each neighbor, how many neighbors will receive a gift?d. Nicholas and Elaine are planning to serve cheesecake for dessert at their wedding and have purchased twelve cheesecakes. If the cheesecakes are divided evenly among the 125 wedding guests, how much cheesecake will each guest receive?

Accepted Solution

A. $10.42
B. 11 trips
c. 10 neighbors
D. 1/10 of a cheese cake