Justify the equality of the following equations: Ixl=-0.1

Accepted Solution

The equation: $$|x| = -0.1$$, where |x| represents the absolute value of x, cannot be justified as an equality because the absolute value of a real number is always non-negative (greater than or equal to zero). In other words, |x| is always a non-negative value or zero, and it cannot be equal to a negative number like -0.1. The absolute value function, |x|, is defined as follows: 1. If x is a positive number or zero, $$|x| = x$$. 2. If x is a negative number, $$ |x| = -x $$. In either case, the result is non-negative, and it can never be equal to a negative value like -0.1. So, the equality $$|x| = -0.1 $$ is not valid for any real number x. If you have more context or information about the equation you intended to write, please provide it, and I'll be happy to help further.