In a new york state daily lottery game, a sequence of four digits (not necessarily different) in the range 0-9 are selected at random. find the probability that three of the four digits are the same.

Accepted Solution

There are 10,000 (10*10*10*10) possible sequences. There are 4C3 ways, 4, of having exactly three digits be the same value. The differing digit can be any of the four positions. There are 10P2 ways, 90 (10*9), to choose the digits of the sequence since we have 10 choices for the digit to be repeated, then 9 more options or the differing digit. The product of the combination arrangements and permutation selection, 4*90, shows there are 360 sequences with three of the same digit. Thus the probability is 360/10,000 or 0.036 or 3.6%.