Each month, Nelson pays 0.08 per text message that he sends or receives, plus a $10 fee. Nelson’s bill for February was $44.56. How many text messages did Nelson send or receive in February?

Accepted Solution

First, let's set up this problem.

f(x) = 0.08x + 10
How did I get this?
Well, f(x) says that this is a function. The 0.08 comes from the problem. The "x" variable multiplied by the 0.08 comes from how he gets charges 0.08 PER TEXT MESSAGE. The "per" is your key here. Next, he gets charged a FLAT RATE $10 fee.

We can set this up to look like
44.56 = 0.08x + 10
Since he was billed 44.56.
Next, we solve for "x" for the number of texts!

x = 432 texts.