Brittany is writing a business report about protecting workplace data and will be conducting an interview with a data security expert. What is the best advice you can give her? a. Call before the interview to confirm the arrangements, and then arrive on time. b. Learn about the individual she is interviewing, and research the background and terminology of the topic. c. Use open-ended questions rather than yes-or-no questions to draw out the responses from the expert. d. Brittany should complete all these steps.

Accepted Solution

Answer:From this statement Brittany should have to complete all these steps that are given in other options.Step-by-step explanation:Brittany is writing a business report about workplace. So she realized that data should be secured and she conducting a interview with data data security expert. In my point of view all there options are correct he should have to follow all steps which include the arrangements to arrive on time before interviewand she should learn about the individual she is interviewing. she should have to sue open ended question