A wheelchair ramp is 4.2 m long. It rises 0.7 m. What is it's angle of inclination to the nearest degree?

Accepted Solution

The inclination angle is 10°Step-by-step explanation:The given scenario forms a right angled triangle where the length of ramp is hypotenuse and the rise of ramp is the perpendicularGivenH = 4.2mP = 0.7mWe have to use the trigonometric ratios to find the angle. The ratio that has to be used should involve both perpendicular and hypotenuseLet x be the anglethen[tex]sin\ x = \frac{P}{H}\\sin\ x = \frac{0.7}{4.2}\\sin\ x = 0.1666\\x = sin^{-1} (1.666)\\x = 9.59 => 10[/tex]Hence,The inclination angle is 10°Keywords: Trigonometric ratios, Right angled triangleLearn more about ratios at:brainly.com/question/10470406brainly.com/question/10597501#LearnwithBrainly