A store offers a 15% discount on all items in the store during a sale. All store employees get an additional 10% employee discount. In the equation below, C represents the cost of an item for an employee including tax and x represents the original price of the item:C = 0.765x + 0.06(0.765x)Chris is an employee at the store. He plans to buy a coat during the sale. The price of the coat before the discount is $100. How much will Chris pay for the coat during the sale? Remember, do not include the $ symbol.Answer for Blank 1:

Accepted Solution

The equation that returns the cost, C, that in employee has to pay is:

C = 0.765x + 0.06(0.765x)

Where x is the price before discount, 0765 is the price after discount and before taxes, and 0.06(0.765x) is the value of the tax.

Furthermore, note where 0765 comes from:

x less 15% disscount = x - 0.15x = 0.85x;

0.85 less 10% disscount = 0.85x - 0.1*0.85x = 0.85x - 0.085x = 0.765x.

So, you just must replace the price in the formula:

C = 0.765($100) + 0.06(0.765*$100) = $76.5 + $4.59 = $81.09

Answer: 81.09